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Sustainable Purchasing

At Woodford Dolmen Hotel, we recognise that as a responsible business we have an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations, while also securing the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry. Through a range of eco-friendly measures, we actively involve our staff and invite our guests and suppliers to help in achieving our green agenda. We seek to utilise a sustainable circular economy where possible in all aspects of our business. Our criteria for sustainable purchasing includes the following

  • Discuss the supplier’s sustainability commitment and engage with them to reduce their packaging when supplying to us.
  • Discuss with the supplier their method of delivery and packaging.
  • Look at reducing energy and water consumption.
  • Calculate the running cost of the product.
  • Invite the supplier to take goods back and recycle them? If not, consideration is given to the cost and method of disposal.
  • As a purchaser we consider our impact on the local and wider environment.
  • Continually source the highest quality local produce and materials, supporting small and local businesses and producers as much as possible
  • We aim to make a difference by buying products that show this commitment to animal welfare and environment friendly practices. 
  • We aim to reduce waste and other negative impacts on the environment.
  • Where possible we will use fair trade produce.

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