Woodford Island

Take a trip to our tranquil island

Discover natural paradise at Woodford Island

Welcome to Woodford Island, a natural paradise nestled within the beautiful 10 acre grounds of the Woodford Dolmen Hotel. Embark on a journey of discovery, relaxation and connection with the beauty of the outdoors.

As your stroll along the winding pathways, you’ll be  surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees and vibrant flowers, your senses will come alive with the sights, sounds and scents of the natural beauty the island has to offer.

This idyllic retreat on our 10 acre property offers more than just a leisurely stroll. It provides a sanctuary for those seeking a relaxing break from the demands of everyday life. 

Take a look at the 100% natural beauty the island beholds.

What you might find on the Woodford Island

With the island boasting various pathways and trails to stroll, it’s the perfect place to discover some of the wildlife that calls the island home.


Two resident swans that live in the River Barrow at the Woodford Island

Wild Mushrooms

Field Butterflies

A wild field butterfly captured on the Woodford Island at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel

Wild Flowers


Woodford Island has so much more to offer your senses. Take a stroll through the nature trails and embrace the beautiful chirps and songs sung by the birds, the ambiance of the flowers and forestry, and the sound of the River Barrow. Following the path down the gardens and across the red bridge, you’ll find yourself at the beginning of the trail, where you can disconnect, relax, and enjoy your stroll.

Carlow has may attractions across the county, so why not check them out on our website and plan your perfect holiday in Ireland’s Ancient East. When you’re finished, the Plum Tree Bar & Bistro will be awaiting your arrival to top off the perfect day with some refreshments.

Come to the Woodford Dolmen hotel in Carlow, and take a visit to Woodford Island to experience true relaxation surrounded by nature.