It is important to all at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel that we take an ethical approach when promoting sustainability at our hotel, to tell our green story truthfully and to not greenwash any of our messages.  

We strive to be transparent about our sustainable journey and know how important it is to communicate our green initiatives to staff and customers, along with taking feedback from them, so we can learn from that and be innovative with it. 

All our sustainability work is backed up by 50 Shades Greener. It is also researched by our green team and backed up by actual evidence. 


We have an amazing green team that all work hard to make our sustainable journey a successful one. They are all passionate about sustainability and are determined to make our hotel a more sustainable one, reducing our carbon footprint, plastic waste, energy use and more to make our hotel a more sustainable one. 

Our Green team have monthly meetings and share with one another creative ideas on how each department in the hotel can contribute to our green journey.