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All about Wedding Photography!

Photography allows you to convey a story without words. Capturing a memory frozen in time to look back upon. There are a multitude of different styles and trends when it comes to wedding photography…from traditionally classic, black & white, candid, vintage, editorial, aerial – the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget it is also possible to mix photography styles and research various wedding photographers in your area to ensure your day is captured through your eyes.

If you and your partner are up for breaking ‘traditional wedding’ boundaries and going above and beyond for your special day or maybe you are both looking to incorporate the traditional classic wedding style with a modern twist, nevertheless, here are some ideas that can be added into your dream wedding that will allow photos to be captured instilling beautiful memories that last lifetime.

Let’s take a look at some of the trending wedding photography at the moment…

Candid moments

Capture the casual, unposed moments which naturally attain the most idyllic, happiest of memories. Candid wedding photos are becoming popular in recent times because of their ability to capture the natural happiness, laughter, and love of not only the bride and groom but of the family and friends involved.

Drone shots

Drone photography/videography is a unique and interesting way to capture your wedding, especially if you’re setting is in a scenic outdoor location, like a forest or a beachfront. This unique approach allows you to capture a vast amount of your stunning wedding surroundings – creating breathtaking shots.

Disposable camera

The return of the disposable camera has taken over, and many couples have made the addition of this to their wedding for an intimate element – allowing everyone to be involved. This can be achieved by supplying each guest with their own and encouraging them to document the experience through their eyes- these are then left for the happy couple to see how their special day was perceived and enjoyed from different perspectives. As you can imagine these photos have a 50/50 chance of being memorable special moments…. or drunk, blurry hilarious memories.

Second photographers

Second photographers act as a way to capture moments that the first photographer may have missed. For example, the first captures the first dance whilst the second captures the happy tears and proud smiles of the family and friends watching with pure adoration.

Artistic silhouettes & shadows

This style is a beautiful and artistic way to capture special moments… the shadows of the bride’s wedding dress as she dances, an emotional hug, or the feet of your little flower girl as she delicately drops petals.

Black & White

A Monochromatic style of photography that adds a rich feel to your photos. B&W-style photos have a classic, artistic feel to them. Removing the association of the modern day and giving it a timeless feel. For moments that are so special where you don’t want any distractions in the photo.

Contemporary style

Traditional with a modern twist. Photographs last a lifetime, there are so many unique ways to incorporate a style that perfectly moulds you and your partner’s style, aesthetic, and personalities. Mixing different photography styles, B&W, candid, disposable, colourful etc.

Your wedding photos are just as important as the memories from the day itself, they help you preserve the tiny details and notice things you’ve missed. Therefore, having someone you trust is vital so that these pictures can bring you back to the happiest day of your life.
Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the wedding organisation, there are so many different styles to choose from.
Photography is such a lovely way of expressing yourself and your partner- Have you ever wondered what your wedding pictures would turn out like?

Photography taken by John Delaney Photography

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