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5 Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding will likely be a hectic one, to say the least! Timing your hair and make-up correctly can be the key to ensuring you and your bridal party arrive on time to the service or reception. However, there are often unexpected hitches that pop up on the big day, so I have listed 5 simple steps that can help you reduce any hiccups that might arise.

1. Make A Timetable

As simple as it may sound, creating a timetable for the morning of the wedding can help things run more smoothly and prevent anything from being missed. With all the excitement the morning of your big day, it’s easy to forget the last-minute details. It is also worth having a list of all the contact details of your suppliers in case they need to be contacted with any last-minute changes.

2. Keep Kids Entertained

Kids can get bored quite quickly, so it’s worth bringing a few goodie bags with some small toys to help keep them entertained. Having a small area set aside in the venue where they can all play together can keep them occupied. Another option is to hire kids’ entertainer which can be worth investing in if there are a lot of children attending your wedding.

3. Prepare for the Irish Weather

We all know how unpredictable the Irish weather can be, so preparing for the worst can help your day run smoothly. Have somewhere indoors that you can take your images in case it rains and ensure you have plenty of umbrellas on hand for getting in and out of cars. If it’s cold, then bring some vintage gloves and a faux fur scarf which are very popular with brides, particularly in the cooler months.

4. Give Directions with Invitations

This is one tip many couples forget. Providing directions to the church and reception venue can avoid you taking calls all morning trying to give guests directions. Knowing that you’ve done all you can to help guests get to the correct destination gives you peace of mind and they are more likely to arrive on time by planning their route beforehand.

5. Bring an Emergency Bag

Preparing an emergency bag for the day of your wedding can be a lifesaver for any little unexpected situations that may arise. A good emergency bag should contain anything from paracetamol for headaches, baby wipes, safety pins and a needle and thread. Hand the bag over to your chief bridesmaid to look after and it will have you covered for anything that the day throws at you.

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