An Draoicht Glen

Meet our fairy family

Our Fairy Garden

Our very important fairies

Once the royal family got settled it was only a matter of time before their friends joined them. Get to know their friends and neighbours before coming to see them.

Lily & Hooter

Neighbours, Lily of Lilac Cottage with her mischievous owl ‘Hooter’ (guests have said they have heard an owl hooting at their windows on occasion). Alvin of Ladybird cottage who flies his flag high and proud and Jacob of Butterfly Cottage with his pet frog Fred. They are the best of friends and all live together on a big tree on the outskirts of the glen.

Layla & Robyn

Layla of Blossom cottage, very well to do with her beautiful lilac door and flowerpots, we think she might be hoping to find her Prince. Robyn from Apple Red Lodge who just loves the colour red, with her red door and red chimney.

Peter & Callabelle

Peter from Pinecone Cottage who also has an owl called Puck and loves relaxing on his chair outside, hmm maybe its Puck making all the noise not Hooter! Callabelle from Cherry Blossom House who loves cherries and has a beautiful ladder up to her door, I think she might use this to take our plums from our plum tree. It looks like Callabelle might be getting a new neighbor as a blue door has appeared recently, we look forward to see who that will be.

Drake & Talulabelle

Drake from Oak tree Lodge he’s very close to the king and queen so we think he may be some sort of security, and he can be seen sometimes swinging on his circular swing. Talulabelle of Tinkerbell House, she is crazy about Tinkerbell and even has her own Tinkerbell climbing rope, you can hear this ringing from time to time.

Ella & Elvin

Ella from Evergreen house always has a line of washing hanging out maybe she could be the An Draiocht Glen launderette. Elvin from Garbell Lodge with his little dog scamp, I wonder does he live up to his name.

Warren & Daring Bluebell

Warren and Daring Bluebell from Watchman’s Keep, a little blue door with steps up to it and a blue door on the adjoining tree, is this a kind of watchtower for the fairies??

Susanna, Percy & Tweety

Finally, we have Susanna of Oak Flower Lodge, (I think she likes the colour blue) and Wanda of Plum Tree Lodge wither beautiful picket fence, her cat Percy and bird Tweety, I wonder how they get on with Scamp Hooter and Puck?

King Oran, Queen Tianna & Princess Orla

Of course, we have King Oran his lovely Queen Tianna and their beautiful daughter Orla who all live in the very extravagant Caislean Draoicht which really stands out when entering the garden, a huge tree stump with a big yellow door covered in ivy and what actually looks like 2 separate house but I have been informed this is all part of the castle, very impressive I wonder will we get an invite to any balls or festivities?

Come and sit for a while and see if you can hear the bells tinkling or Hooter or Puck hooting but remember to be very careful not to disturb the fairy house as they are very shy and secretive. 

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