All our menu’s are allergy compliant.  Allergen information is clearly stated on all our menu's for more information Click and here they will see All our soups etc 

All our soups, sauces & gravies are all Gluten free and coeliac friendly. Our dessert ice-creams are also gluten free.

We are an allergy aware premises, we understand the needs of the allergic customer and we operate a food safety management system with trained staff to control major food allergens and other foods which our customers may wish to avoid. Our Allergen Data Sheets state the allergen content of each item which can be purchased, however some of our menu items contain nuts, peanuts, seeds and other allergens or ingredients which are available in our kitchens and while may not be included as an ingredient on your desired dish may cross-contaminate by use of the common area that they occupy. Please speak with a member of staff if you wish to make a suitable choice and we encourage those customers who have allergies to make themselves known to our serving staff.