A seaside theme wedding is a great idea to celebrate your wedding in the summer months, from May to September.  It is hugely popular trend among the 2018 wedding themes.

Surely this is a theme chosen by many spouses and probably slightly inflated. However, it is not difficult to customize the wedding reception with a marine theme and make it unique, both because the ideas to perfectly declare a sea theme wedding are really many, both because the elements are similar between them, spouses, guests, location, style, are definitely unequaled components, dear spouses.

So, if for your wedding you have chosen the theme of the sea, with its nuances, its colors and its many symbols, know first of all that it is not at all necessary to celebrate it on the beach. A marine-themed wedding can be perfectly organized in any location, such as the hotel.

Colour & Clothing

Contrary to what one might think, the colors that represent the sea are much more varied than the classic blue and white with their nuances. The elegant coral red, the famous green Tiffany, the turquoise are the most common variants, but if you are looking for something new, then the sea theme wedding colors are gold, ivory, sand and particular shades of the ecru.

Remember that the sea evokes lightness and naturalness, characteristics that are good to be taken from clothing too. A bride that prefers the marine style will definitely dress a light, soft and slippery dress, with fresh and fluctuating fabrics (chiffon, silk, georgette), the wedding menu will have the fish as the undisputed protagonist and the decorations can only recall the typical elements of the sea.


For a fairytale wedding, you need settings that will leave your guests in suspense. The table is one of the elements that you can have fun decorating using a veiled and light aquamarine runner set on a white tablecloth and as a centerpiece you can for example use an ampoule containing water or sand and placed on the bottom the elements that distinguish the seabed. If you want you could combine all the cute place cards to give to your guests as a memory of marriage. Coral, starfish and cute little fish made of paper could be perfect placeholders.


We come now to floral arrangements. It is advisable to use flowers that are consistent with the marine environment: rose, anthurium, hydrangea, lisianthus, gentian and delphinium are some of the most interesting proposals for the floral arrangements of a sea theme wedding. The wedding themed bouquet can be of two types: a bouquet of shells, pearls or starfish, fabric flowers or a floral bouquet, the choice is yours.

Wedding Cake

Even the sea-themed wedding cake must follow the common thread of the event, in the colors, in the decorative elements, but beyond the shape and taste, which in any case is recommended fresh and simple, much depends on the preparation of the corner wedding cake: lights, candles, corals, drapes of white veils, all will serve to create an image and a very suggestive atmosphere.

I truly hope that my hints and tips will help you if you are planning a Sea themed Wedding Day.

Save the date

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Happy Wedding Planning!

Clare is the wedding coordinator with Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow. With the experience of hundreds of weddings over 10 years, this blog will share some of Clare’s top tips, do’s & don'ts and all the latest wedding trends.

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