Finding original ideas for a themed wedding can be complicated: for this reason I'm here to offer you some simple but valuable tips that could make your big day really special. The good old red, white and blue is a classic colour combination that will never go out of style, especially if you're hosting your wedding over the July 4th weekend.


Combining these three colours red, white and blue can lead to risky choices but there is always a way to not make this mix too kitschy. It should always be remembered that refinement lies in simplicity: the bride accompanied by the bridesmaids dressed in an elegant blue dress could be the right idea as well as adding a simple red bouquet, which is the perfect complement to classic navy bridesmaid dresses. White hydrangeas, persimmon roses, blue thistle, delphinium and blue nigella give the stems a hint of America.

Decorations & Flowers

Everyone knows that "enough is as good as a feast" so my advice is to focus on the details: with white blue & red rose petals, bluish tablecloths, eccentric place cards in pure American style. Furthermore, the theme of "Independence Day" generally involves a rustic style that can easily be recreated in our hotel.

Food and Cocktails

Even food can be a characteristic element because it can give a touch of diversity. You can treat your guests with sweets and tempting appetizers representing the American flag or even propose a white cake characterized by harmonious red and blue decorations. The element that however can bring a bit of joy to the entire reception are fantastic cocktails, exotic, three colors, created by the strong imagination of our bartenders.


And to finish the evening in the best way, how about introducing some sparkle? Make your celebrations magical with simple sparkles to celebrate your first day as a married couple.

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