There are two types of people when Halloween comes around: those who love the spookiness associated with Halloween, and those who prefer to stay inside and eat all the sweets and chocolate. Nevertheless, no matter what type of person you are during this freaky season, Carlow offers a variety of things for you do to from days out with the family to going on haunted tours with friends.

Looking for a family day out? Head to the beautiful Rathwood in Tullow. This year, Rathwood’s friendly team have organised a Halloween Pirate Adventure. Follow Captain Jack and Penelope as they sail to find the hidden treasure before the cunning Captain Hook finds it. After your defeat of Hook, sail the haunted seas back home to victory where you will be rewarded with treasure and get to carve your very own pumpkin. You can then take a stroll through the beautiful gardens or get a bite to eat in the restaurant. Sounds like a perfect family day out if you ask me!

Carlow never delays in helping others. That’s why this year the Woodford Dolmen Hotel has teamed up with Down Syndrome Carlow to fundraise for a great cause. On Sunday the 29th of October, head along to the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, for a variety of fun and exciting events for all children. Activities include a kiddie’s fancy dress Disco, bouncy castle, play area and face painting. Enjoy great games and even better prizes on offer. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to dress up and head to, don’t miss this and better still – it’s for a great local cause. Visit our Events Calendar to learn more.

Interested in being so scared that you could actually pee your pants a little? Well look no further than Clonegal’s very own Medieval Huntington Castle. This haunted castle offers you the chance to experience a night of horrors that you’ll never forget. Bring along your friends. Believe me; those who said “oh nothing scares me” will regret ever uttering those words. You will be terrified, of that there is no doubt. Stay in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel for the night as it is only 30 minutes’ drive from the castle so far enough away that no ghostly ghouls can follow you from the castle…or can they? 

When coming to Carlow make sure to pack your ghostbusters outfit as there have been many tales regarding haunted buildings around the town. 

In November 2009, screen three of the old Carlow cinema was reported for a paranormal presence. Supposedly a teenager fled the cinema, claiming to have encountered a phantom elderly man wearing a hat (hats make everything ten times scarier apparently). Staff members felt uneasy when told to investigate the screen. Who could blame them though? I certainly wouldn’t be going in there after that. So, if you are a horror movie buff, maybe pay the cinema (now called the Omniplex) a visit this October to watch a scary movie and if you’re “lucky”, you might even get to see the old man in the hat.

Do you like shopping in the great new big Penny’s store in Carlow’s Shopping Centre? Yeah, well I think it’s safe to say you won’t be shopping there anytime soon. This centre used to be Carlow Gaol. Legend has it that Lucy Slye was the last person to be hung there and now she roams the shopping centre, conducting various paranormal activities frightening staff who work there. When Café Le Monde was situated in the heart of the building, owner Dominic Peel and staff members reported that when they arrived into work in the morning, chairs had been taken off of the tables and reorganised – eh thanks Lucy? Leinster Paranormal visited the haunted centre who recorded AVP and EVP which included doors being viciously slammed, a female voice yelling and multiple outbursts of laughter. Scared yet? Because I sure am!

If you’re like me and not a fan of haunted castles or tales – you should head to Duckett’s Grove for half seven on Halloween night. Duckett’s Grove is hosting a night full of live music, dancing, story-telling, history and folklore, face painting and according to their Facebook page, “loads of craic”. If you’re looking for a fun Halloween night out without the horror then this event will not disappoint. Tickets are going fast so don’t miss out! Tickets are available from Tullow’s Discount Store or the Tea Rooms in Duckett’s Grove.

In summary, here’s your options!  Fight pirates at Rathwood, jump up and down at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel for a great cause, be petrified by the haunted tours of Huntington Castle, go to screen three for a movie, visit Lucy Slye or go to Duckett’s Grove for a bit of ceol, caint agus craic!  However, you decide to spend it, have a great Halloween in Carlow. 

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Oíche Shamhna shona gach duine!

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