Author: Cáolan Prendergast

Back-to-School Lunches Made Easy and Delicious

The back-to-school season is upon us, and that means it’s time to prepare quick and delicious meals that will keep your little ones energized throughout ...
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Beautifully grilled chicken skewers

Sizzling Summer BBQ: Secrets from our Head Chef’s BBQ favourites.

As the grill master at Woodford Dolmen Hotel, I’m excited to share the sizzling summer secrets straight from our kitchen. When the sun is high ...
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Recipes for a Perfect Summer Picnic

Experience the essence of summer with a delightful picnic in Carlow! Unwind and enjoy the warm weather with a memorable afternoon surrounded by nature. To ...
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Woodford Dolmen Fried Scallops and Black Pudding

Dinner Party Recipes

Dreading the arrival of your friends for your ‘Come Dine With Me’ evening or you’re in-laws have wined and dined you and now it’s your ...
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