We were only too excited when we heard that King Oran, Queen Tianna and their daughter Orla and the Magical Fairy clan chose us the Woodford Dolmen Hotel for their permanent residence.  

‘We’ve never had a King & Queen stay with us before, to say we were nervous was an understatement’ said Aisling Maher Sales & Marketing Manager ‘when King Oran came to visit me, with his own personal building contractor, Tricia of ‘Gone with the Fairies’, we were only too delighted to open up our doors, or in this case gardens, and put on our renowned red-carpet treatment and friendly welcome for our very special guests’.  

Next, what unfolded was magical. Construction work was quickly under way and every day we came to work, more fairy houses and doors appeared by magic.  Our GM Colin Duggan began to wonder whether we would need planning permission, but King Oran assured him in the magical world this was not needed.

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